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Since its establishment RAPD has created a wide information base in the field of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care. RAPD has prepared and published information and education material for specialists, popular brochures and booklets for the general population, including young people. Since 1993 RAPD has been publishing the Journal Family Planning highlighting scientific and practical achievements in the field of SRHR locally and abroad. RAPD took part in the implementation of the Governmental “Federal Family Planning Program” focusing on the Mass Media information and educational component.

 RAPD  implements SRHR projects on  regional and federal level together with its regional branches. RAPD elaborated the concept of sexuality education, guidelines supporting  program  for those who work with adolescents “Fundamentals of family planning and healthy lifestyles”, which was highly praised by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and by leading scientists and practitioners earlier. RAPD supports integration of educational programs for youth on improving Reproductive Health and promoting a healthy lifestyle into the national School Curriculum.

 RAPD branches closely co-operate with local legislative and executive authorities; participate in the elaboration and implementation of regional programs on family planning and reproductive health care, which include educational activities, training of staff and the promotion of high quality medical services and free contraception. RAPD and its regional structures contributed to creation of a country-wide movement on Family Planning, boosting interest of the general population towards SRHR and its importance of improving the quality of health. RAPD has been constantly collaborated with many State structures, Inter-Governmental, International and public organizations in the field of joint implementation of projects in FP and SRHR considering Reproductive Rights as the basic integral Human Rights. 

Считаете ли вы, что экстренная контрацепция должна предоставляться женщинам, пострадавшим от сексуального насилия, бесплатно?

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Be aware, as of 23 June 2015 Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation listed Regional public organization promoting protection of citizen’s reproductive health “Population and Development” in the register of NGO’s in accordance to the Federal law #121FZ of 20.07.2012.